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Electrical Defects, Port St. Lucie Home Inspections.

The most common electrical defect we find in both old and new homes here in Port St. Lucie, is the double tap. The term double tap, is electrical jargon for attaching two wires to a single breaker where only one was designed to be attached. In the electrical panel, branch wires are attached to circuit breakers. Often, […]

Federal Pacific Stab-lok Electrical Panels

 Federal Pacific Electric Stab-Lok panels Federal Pacific Electric Stab-Lok panels (FPE) have a long history of problems. If you have one of these electric panels in your home or you’re buying a home with one of these panels, you should have the panel replaced. They are a latent fire hazard. They may appear to work […]


Air Quality:  Inspecting the HVAC system (heating/cooling) is an important part of every Home Inspection performed by JCM Building Services.  Here on the Treasure Coast, most Port St. Lucie home buyers are purchasing Short Sales or Foreclosures. Whenever a property becomes distressed, the maintenance of the AC filter, coil, and duct work are often the […]

Home Inspections and Roof Inspections by JCM Building Services.

Home Inspections and Roof Inspections by JCM Building Services. The roof condition is a critical factor in maintaining a healthy, safe, and long lasting home. It is the first line of defense from the elements and is single most expensive system in the house to replace. It is critical that the roof system be inspected […]

Gutters: An Important and Often Neglected Component of Your Home’s Water Management System.

 Water management is a very important component to a healthy, safe, and long lasting home. Gutters are an important and often over looked & neglected part of a home’s water management system. The gutter system catches rain water and directs it away from the structure. Gutters & down spouts should be kept clean and splash […]

Choosing your Home Inspector.

Not all Home Inspectors are the same. Neither is their inspections. Most home buyers choose their Home Inspector based upon recommendation and price. Recommendations are a great way of choosing an inspector. However, a Home Inspector should never be chosen based upon price alone. Often, a cheap inspection is cheap for a reason. Visit my […]