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Air Quality:  Inspecting the HVAC system (heating/cooling) is an important part of every Home Inspection performed by JCM Building Services.  Here on the Treasure Coast, most Port St. Lucie home buyers are purchasing Short Sales or Foreclosures. Whenever a property becomes distressed, the maintenance of the AC filter, coil, and duct work are often the […]

Proposed Changes to the Wind Mitigation Will Hurt Treasure Coast Residents.

Proposed changes in the new wind mitigation form are being discussed in Tallahassee on Tuesday September 20, 2011. If passed as discussed, it will dramatically impact the residents of Saint Lucie, Martin, & Palm Beach county. The changes would require a 3 nail minimuim for a ‘CLIP’ rating. Many of the older exsisting homes have […]

Home Inspections and Roof Inspections by JCM Building Services.

Home Inspections and Roof Inspections by JCM Building Services. The roof condition is a critical factor in maintaining a healthy, safe, and long lasting home. It is the first line of defense from the elements and is single most expensive system in the house to replace. It is critical that the roof system be inspected […]

Port Saint Lucie Home Inspection: JCM Building Services identifies moisture damage from neglected gutters with infrared thermal imaging.

Moisture can seriously damage structures and building systems. Here on the Treasure Coast, our Home Inspections often reveal moisture intrusion from poorly maintained systems. Gutter systems and sprinkler systems are two exterior systems that if improperly maintained can lead to moisture damage. Below, infrared thermal imaging taken during a Port Saint Lucie Home Inspection identified […]