Federal Pacific Stab-lok Electrical Panels

 Federal Pacific Electric Stab-Lok panels

Federal Pacific Stab-lok Electrical Panel.

Federal Pacific Stab-lok Electrical Panel.

Federal Pacific Electric Stab-Lok panels (FPE) have a long history of problems. If you have one of these electric panels in your home or you’re buying a home with one of these panels, you should have the panel replaced. They are a latent fire hazard. They may appear to work fine until the don’t. causing fires and electrical shock hazard. In some cases failure to trip occurs 60% of the time, causing the circuit to over heat.

Below is a Federal Pacific Electric Stab-Lok panel from a recent Home Inspection. To the naked eye the panel appeared to be operating normally. However, upon inspection with our thermal camera. A severe temperature differential was observed indicating that the panel was overheating and was an active fire hazard.

JCM Building Sevices, Thermal Image of Federal Pacific Stab-lok Electrical Panel

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