Port Saint Lucie Home Inspection: JCM Building Services identifies moisture damage from neglected gutters with infrared thermal imaging.

Moisture can seriously damage structures and building systems. Here on the Treasure Coast, our Home Inspections often reveal moisture intrusion from poorly maintained systems. Gutter systems and sprinkler systems are two exterior systems that if improperly maintained can lead to moisture damage.
Below, infrared thermal imaging taken during a Port Saint Lucie Home Inspection identified moisture intrusion from a poorly maintained gutter system. Rain water was backing up in the system, penetrating the fascia, roof deck, & truss system. It was even penetrating the siding.
The first picture was taken in the attic. It reveals the extent of the moisture (in blue) weeping into the fascia, roof deck, and up the adjacent truss.  The second picture, taken outside of the wall and gutter, shows moisture penetrating the siding and surrounding areas. If not corrected, this situation could lead to serious structural and mold issues.

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